How to Check and Repair Database on Plesk Panel

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Occasionally there is a problem with the database, such as broken tables and references, which may interfere with the operation of the website. In Plesk, users can try to fix some such issues with the Plesk user interface. Plesk uses native functionality of database management tools to check and repair databases. For example, it uses the mysqlcheck utility for the MySQL database.

  1. Log in to the Plesk account using the below link and select Websites & Domains option from the left-hand menu.



  2. Click on the Databases option which mentioned in the below image.


  3. Now click on the Check and Repair option under the database where you want to check and repair database.


  4. You will see the result as mentioned in the below image once it completed.


  5. If problems are found, then click the link See Details and Resolve.

    The list of tables and related issues will open. For MySQL databases, you can select the tables you want to repair. For Microsoft SQL databases, you can only repair an entire database.

  6. Then click to Repair Selected (for MySQL) or Repair (for Microsoft SQL).

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