How to test Internet Connection Speed on CentOS

2021-06-02 By Mark 58 Views linux centos speed test
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When you experience slow internet access speed on your server, the first thing you need to do is check the connection speed to resolve the slow connectivity issues. The SpeedTest CLI helps to check the current internet speed of your CentOS server from the command-line and it brings reliable technology and global server network to the command line behind SpeedTest.

This tutorial will guide you on how to test Internet Connection Speed on CentOS.

  1. Run the below command to install python on your system.

    # dnf install python3 (CentOS 8)
    # yum install python2 (CentOS 7)


  2. Download the file using the below command.

    # wget -O speedtest-cli


  3. Run the below command to make the script file executable.

    # chmod +x speedtest-cli


  4. Now, you can check the internet speed on your system by using speedtest-cli command.

    # ./speedtest-cli


  5. To check the internet speed in byte, run the below command.

    # ./speedtest-cli --bytes


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