Managed Plesk Service

Managed Plesk Service brings technical support service to the next level by serving clients with managed Plesk configuration and maintenance service. Count on our professional Plesk management expert to manage your server today

Free Plesk Migration

LayerStack offers free migration assistance from older versions of Plesk 12 or later, cPanel & WHM 58 or later to the latest available Plesk version.

Migration Service

LayerStack managed Plesk service offers free site migration service, to transfer ONE of your existing website and ONE database from your previous host and configure it to suit our platform. For more website and database migration? Please contact us for a quote.

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Installation Service
(per server)

This service includes Plesk setup and configuration on your server and assistance with installing 3rd party applications that provided by Plesk library.

Upgrade Service
(per server)

This service includes upgrade of Plesk on your server to the latest version. Our engineers will also run a post-upgrade check to verify that Plesk services operate correctly.

Managed Plesk Service

LayerStack Managed Plesk Service will only help to create and maintain an operational environment for your cloud server, LayerStack will not support any of the 3rd party application inclusions, regarding issues of application bugs or errors, and such issues should be brought to the attention of the application vendors directly for support. LayerStack is not responsible for web development, 3rd party applications and/or scripts (ie: compatibility, installation, maintenance), and/or ongoing daily administration tasks (ie: setting up new users, email accounts, & domains).

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Monthly Price
US$100.39 /server/mo
Service Availability
Hong Kong Time: 9 am to 6 pm
Ticket , Live Chat
Response Time
< 8 hours
Operating System
Operating System
(reboot and updates)
Web Server
(PHP, Linux memcache and file permission configuration)
Database Server
(database configuration and backup schedule/management upon request; clustering and replication setup are not included)
Free Plesk Migration
(Plesk 12 or later, cPanel & WHM 58 or later)
Website Migration Service
(1 Website & 1 Database only)
DNS Server
(installation and add / remove records)
Email Server
(basic setup and configure MX records)
File Server
Outgoing Mail
(outgoing SMTP and mail queue clearing)
System Log / Mail Log Analysis
Monthly Summary Report
One-Time Service
(upload website files, create database, create email accounts, manual backup)

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