Load Balancer

Distributing workloads across multiple servers for traffic management

Designed for Handling Huge and
Unexpected Spikes

Load Balancer can optimize your workload performance and help prevent overwhelmed on single server to meet your high availability requirements. Load balancing also gives you flexibility to scale out your application environment to meet the traffic growth.

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Balancing Algorithms

Load balancing moderate client access requests to backend servers, Algorithms is the mechanism that impact the effectiveness of load distribution.

Round Robin

Round Robin algorithm is a simple fault tolerance method for load balancing which sends requests to each available backend in a rotating sequential manner.

Least Connections

Least Connections algorithm takes current server load into consideration by sending requests to the backend with the least number of active connections.

HTTP / TCP Protocol

Supports load balancing protocol suite including HTTP protocol to application-layer used for websites and TCP protocol to transport-layer used for reliable communications.

Health Monitors

Health checks routinely run against each server to determine current status and connections to ensure traffic is distributed to servers that are online.

Support External Pool Members

Route traffic across multiple pool members (also known as servers) for your application in single or multiple regions and even to external parties outside LayerStack.

Now Available in HK, SG and JP Data Center Regions
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