Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) supplements the Terms of Service (“TOS”) posted from time to time to LayerStack web site

This document contains the general terms and conditions for LayerStack Limited, trading as "LayerStack"

This SLA does not apply to any trial service, beta features, free service and any product identified as End-of- life (“EOL”) by LayerStack.


“Service Failure” refers to no external connectivity to the service.

“Downtime” refers to the time required to resolve a service failure from the time LayerStack received written notification (by email) of the service failure to the time that the service is available. This does not include any service failure is caused by Limitations described below.

“Downtime percentage” is calculated as follows:

Total number of minutes of Downtime in the calendar month
Total number of minutes in the calendar month
x 100%

Service Commitment

LayerStack makes a commitment in providing 99.95% uptime SLA for all LayerStack Cloud services. In the event LayerStack Cloud service failed to meet the commitment, Subscriber will be eligible to receive a SLA Credit as stated below.

SLA Credits

SLA Credits apply only to fees paid for the particular service or service add-ons which uptime has not been met. SLA credits do not apply to domain registration, SSL certificate and other License service.

The SLA Credit payable in any month will be calculated as follows:

Downtime percentage x Monthly fee x 2

Maximum refund of the month equals to one-month monthly subscription fee.

Mode of Credit

The SLA Credit will be paid by crediting the amount of such refund to the Subscriber account fee and subscriber may apply this SLA credits to future charges of the relevant account.


A SLA credit for service failure to achieve the service levels will NOT be eligible where such failure is a result of the scheduled service or maintenance of any of LayerStack's equipment.

A SLA credit for failure to achieve the service levels will NOT be eligible where such failure is caused by any of the following:

LayerStack shall not be liable for any consequential or indirect loss or damage of the Subscriber caused by the failure of service.


LayerStack may at any time amend or vary the terms of this agreement providing that LayerStack should provide written notice, in LayerStack Cloud service’s website and the corresponding published document, concerning the amendment or variations.

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