VPSbenchmarks Cloud Performance Report

VPSbenchmarking cloud (VPS) performance report

VPSBenchmarks, the world leading service for measuring the cloud performance, has created a new server evaluation report on November 18, 2020 using benchmarks that were run between October 30, 2019 and November 05, 2020.

VPSBenchmarks purchases the servers directly from providers, then installs test software on each new instance. Four type of benchmarks are running including Web, Sysbench CPU, storage and memory, Network Transfers and Endurance. Results are generated from benchmarks and grouped into performance categories (Web, CPU, Disk IO, Network and Stability). A grade from A to F will then be assigned to each category. Full VPSBenchmarks report can be reached Here.

This report compares the cloud performance of below listed cloud servers.

Specifications of Compared Cloud Server - Layerstack, Linode, Vultr
Four type of benchmarks are running including Web, Sysbench CPU, storage and memory, Network Transfers and Endurance.

In result, LayerStack HK04 server is ranked 1st place in this report, it is rated with 3A and 2B which receives an overall score of 84. Following by Vultr High Frequency server with 81 score and Linode Dedicated server with 66 score.

We are honored and grateful for the result, we will continue to keep improving our service in order to provide our valued customers with superior cloud computing solutions. More innovative cloud features will be released in the coming future aiming to enhance customers’ working effectiveness and efficiency.

** This report is conducted by 3rd party – VPSBenchmark and it is for reference purpose only. LayerStack bear no responsibility for any listed information. Please let us know your comments and suggestions on LayerStack Community.

Dedicated CPU Cloud Server

Dedicated CPU Cloud Server Official Launch

It is pleased to announce the launch of our new cloud server plan – the Dedicated CPU Cloud Server. Same as other LayerStack cloud servers, it is powered by 2nd Gen AMD EPYC 64-Core CPU to deliver high cloud performance for most of the general and CPU-intensive workloads especially for the ones need sustainable computing support like machine learning. In contrast to standard servers, dedicated CPU server is installed with entire CPU cores that are accessible only by your instances, thus your software and applications can always run at peak speed.

Dedicated CPU’s Specifications

The selected 2nd Gen AMD EPYC processor has 64 cores and supports 128 threads with a TDP of 225W. The base clock speed is 2.0GHz which can be boosted up to 3.3GHz in turbo mode. It works perfectly on diverse tasks relying on CPU power, such as analytics, app development, CAE/CFD/FEA ERM/SCM/CRM apps, VDI and many more.

Cloud Computing with Second Gen AMD EPYC (EPYC2) 64-Core CPU

Benefits of AMD EPYC on Cloud Server
High and Better Cloud Performance

The AMD EPYC™ processor secure root of trust is designed to validate the initial BIOS enabling software boot without corruption. It also helps safeguard privacy and integrity by encrypting each virtual machine with up to 509 unique encryption keys known only to the processor.


Most Common Use Case of Dedicated CPU Plan
Common Use Case of Dedicated CPU VPS

Harness the full power of the CPU for applications and workloads. Fast loading and responsive applications in the absence of other clients competing for computing power. Scalable on-demand and intended for heavy workloads, such as AI, machine learning, CI/CD, batch processing, and video encoding.

VPSBenchmarks – Best VPS Oct 2020

Big News! LayerStack R208-HK is rated the Best VPS Oct 2020 by VPSBenchmarks. In the past October, VPSBenchmarks – an independent cloud benchmarking platform, has purchased and tested 15 cloud server plans offering by top cloud providers like Google, AWS, DigitalOcean etc. Those servers will be then evaluated on cloud speed, stability and affordability and a grade from A-E will be assigned to 5 evaluative categories. According to VPSBenchmarks report, LayerStack is scored 79 and ranked the first place among tested cloud providers.

In fact, LayerStack R108-HK was also awarded with Best Value VPS July 2020. VPSBenchmarks had compared the 14 most similar plans offering by top providers, it had included the indicator of price in the analysis which is slightly different to the recent evaluation. As of result, LayerStack was ranked top 3 among listed plans. We will continue to improve our service and provide our customer with superior cloud computing solutions.


* Let us know your comments and suggestions on LayerStack Community.

Product and Feature Updates: November 2020

LayerStack is consistently committed to improving and providing our valued customer with superior cloud computing service. We have made some adjustments on the plans and offers on LayerPanel, the highlights are listed below:

New High Frequency CPU Cloud Server: We are exciting to announce that High Frequency CPU Cloud Server is officially launched, it is powered by 2nd Gen AMD EPYC 7742 with base clock speed 2.25GHz and a turbo boost of 3.4GHz. Specially designed for most demanding and CPU-intensive workloads. The plan and pricing information is available at https://www.layerstack.com/pricing-cloud-servers.

Withdrawal of High Storage Plan: The High Storage Plan is no longer available on LayerPanel. It is removed from our official website on 27/10/2020.

Changes in LayerStack Template: Template is now integrated with VM Import on LayerPanel supporting five VM image format including VDI, VMDK, VHDX, QCOW2, and RAW. Every account can create or import 3 templates with max. size 150GB each. Full Template details at https://www.layerstack.com/templates.

New Feature to Private Networking: Labeling function is now available, cloud users can add customized label to different Private Network.

Price Adjustment on Acronis Offsite Backup Service: A new price list is applied to Acronis Offsite Backup Service. The updated pricing can be reached at https://www.layerstack.com/pricing-acronis.

Price Adjustment on DDoS Attack Protection Service: The cost for DDoS protection add-on is adjusted from US$ 18 to US$20.5 per month. Full DDoS Protection details at https://www.layerstack.com/ddos-protection.

You can also check out all the previous updates at LayerStack Release Note. It is very appreciated if you have any ideas for improving our products, please let us know your comments on LayerStack Community.